About TFV

Ev “Fracas” Malcolm and Dan “Taikos” Serna are a couple of meagerly intelligent 20-somethings who have gradually tired of leaving the world to its own devices. No more long nights spent drunkenly solving every historic problem alone in darkened living rooms.

Now their living rooms will be brightly lit by their internet machines as they drunkenly submit their duct-tape fixes to this lovely website for millions of users to click past on their way to PornTube.

They also play a lot of video games and dress up like their favorite characters.
Back off ladies they’re spoken for.

This page is a testament to what happens when you combine occasional bright-bulb epiphanies with impressively wasteful expenditures of time and human potential.

This is The Fistfest Vanguard.


10 responses to “About TFV

  1. Hey guys, Your subject matter is very interesting if only…..we could see it. The grey font is painful for even thirty somethings. Can you go to a different color? The blue is great. The subject matter is the most important, not the blogs you are following…Just a thought.

    • You know, I’ve been thinking the same thing since our first few posts went up, and I’ve tried on a few occasions to alter the font color but I’m only able to find a color slider for the background (which is covered by an image anyway).

      I’m going to look into how to alter the Oxygen format we’ve chosen, and if that doesn’t work I may look into selecting a new one altogether. Thanks for the feedback and for reading :]

      In the meantime if you’re unable to finish the longer article posted recently you might copy/paste it into an external document, sorry about that.


  2. Thanks so much Zenobia, that means a lot 🙂
    I’ll forward the promotion soon as possible.
    (P.S. Apparently there are no tag-backs with the Liebster? But know that I’ve read through a few of your poems and stories and think they’re wonderful. You keep writing too, we’ll keep enjoying!)

    • Aw lol very sweet! Been busy preparing for a big move! But got a few in the works that we’ll post asap 😉 Thanks for the support!

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