“How To Talk With Your Sons About Robin Thicke”

John and Jack

“It starts with understanding that as men, our value does not come from the power we hold over women. Our value comes from being respected and being loved as we respect and the love the people who matter to us.”

I was lucky enough to miss the entirety of the VMA’s this past Sunday. I was far too busy watching the final season of one of the best written shows that has ever been on television. However, this did not stop me from hearing all about the Miley Cyrus “Twerking” catastrophe that occurred, mainly because it blew up all over the internet and Facebook minutes after it happened. I have not seen the video, and have actively attempted to avoid any information about it from any source. Because, frankly, I just don’t care. There are more important things happening in the world than Miley Cyrus. However, in all the hoopla about the incident that I inevitably was forced to see (merely because I can only keep so much out before some hockey pucks of information make it past the mental Goldberg protecting the hockey net that is my brain) I saw much repugnance over Miley Cyrus’s behavior, but was not even aware that Robin Thicke was involved, because I heard nothing about him. But is he not equally responsible? I was glad to stumble upon this post, which highlights the issues of the double standards of sexuality that this incident has brought forth. I was glad because these are the issues we need to be tackling. These are the conversations we need to be having. Enjoy.

“How To Talk With Your Sons About Robin Thicke”


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