How Junk Food Can End Obesity


How Junk Food Can End Obesity

So I came across an article in The Atlantic (magazine not ocean) the other day that addresses some health issues that are both age-old and incredibly current. It basically dissects the ongoing war between organic and processed foods, and the stigmas attached to each. The author, David Freedman, conducts interviews and research into the current state of processed foods and their demonization. He distinguishes between definitions of “healthy” — the way some some dishes are touted as natural but are full of problematic ingredients, and others are regarded as toxic but are actually quite simple (and only problematic in portion sizes common in America).

Fair warning: The article is a bit lengthy, but divided into four sections that could be utilized as stopping points if you don’t gobble it all up at once. I feel it’s a pretty crucial read for anyone who is pro-organics, anti-McDonald’s, or generally tired of being confused about health.

The basic message is that technology can be used for more than profiteering, it just needs the right application. But we have to give it that chance, and encourage it in that direction by, as Freedman says, “Continuing to call out Big Food on its unhealthy offerings, and loudly … “


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