Hey all. Just wanted to forward a little bit of video game goodness for those who aren’t privy to it yet. Every couple of weeks a shiny little gift of charity is offered in the form of the Humble Bundle, which is a lovely, cheap little package of games, music, and media offered to consumers for whatever price they see fit. The idea is to spread the popularity of deserving titles and developers by collecting their games and other media into a fairly priced deal, while aiding charities such as Child’s Play, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, charity: water, and the American Red Cross.

In the past indie games have been prominently featured, with occasional bundles that are exclusively for Android phones, and even sometimes mainstream titles from major publishers. In every release the soundtracks from some of the games are included, and there is always an option to unlock more games and soundtracks by simply contributing more than the average amount that others have paid. Usually this average hovers between $5-$8, so it’s hardly a major investment to go the extra mile. And your money is split directly between the developers, bundle operators, and charities — so it’s reliably allocated to multiple good causes.

Some past bundles have brought in over $1 million, and the current one (#8) has already sold 320,000 units. It’s a fantastic way to try out brilliant games that range in depth and complexity but are always, always enjoyable and worth experiencing. And even if you are only curious about one or two of the (usually 5-7) titles featured, you’re paying less than you would for a single downloadable game on either Xbox or PS3.

Through past bundles I acquired Braid, Limbo, Bastion, Costume Quest, Stacking, Sword & Sworcery, and other masterpieces I became subsequently obsessed with. And the bonus of being able to bring the soundtracks around with me in my daily life brings me just that much closer to living in the 8-bit world I’ve always dreamed of!

Their website allows you to subscribe so that you can receive email notifications when a new bundle is released. These allow you to pop over to the site and see what’s available, with short descriptions and videos included that allow you to sample before you buy. It’s a great way to discover titles you otherwise might never have heard about, and help out the hard-working developers who show such passion for their craft (and various non-game-related charities as well).

Become part of the revolution! Indie forever! Huzzah!

Stay classy gamers.



2 responses to “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

  1. I just came back from dinner at my parents’ house (roast chicken, mmmmm…) and my brother was raving about this. His favourite game of the bundle is “Little Inferno”. Just sayin’ 🙂

    • I haven’t even tried them all yet because I got so immediately hooked on Hotline Miami last night lol. Little Inferno looks daaaark tho — in a cutesy way 😉

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