So last week The Fistfest Vanguard was generously nominated for a Liebster Award by a kind soul using the handle “Zenobia,” who runs the inspirationally imaginative and sincere blog Gorillas and Pirates. We are very grateful that she has enjoyed our few posts so far and that she would think us worthy of recommendation to other ‘net users and perusers.

Those of you familiar with the Liebster Award know that there are certain obligations that come with being nominated, such as answering a list of questions and nominating a few blogs yourself.

Those same familiar few may also know that these rules are often bent. This will be one of those instances.

Zenobia has kindly requested that we share 11 facts about ourselves here at TFV and by God we intend to fulfill that request whether your stomachs can handle it or not. We will also nominate a handful of blogs that make us smile, chuckle, or weep gentle tears of human feels with their photos and tales.

(Note: I have less than no idea how to check what number of followers a blog has without directly asking, so I’m going to go ahead and bend the “less than 200 followers” rule, sorry Herr Liebster.)

After a thorough 15 minutes of internet research I have learned that one is not intended to “tag-back” the nominator of one’s Liebster Award, so I would like to take this moment to recognize the inspiration of Zenobia’s little slice of WordPress.

She has taken that stomach-dropping plunge into the world of dedicated fiction-writing and is making a noble splash. Currently boasting a growing collection of easily-digestible works she seeks to inspire creative souls on the brink of their journeys to press onward and remain individually free. Her stirring assertion that “Imagination is not dead” is only a lick of the gut-fire I hope she will one day spark in her readers. Write on gur-fran!

With that, please check out and follow her works, and enjoy this asinine list of facts regarding the two salty gents at the helm of this particular shipwreck:

1)      Neither of us has ever eaten a live octopus (yet.)

2)      One of us has dyed his penis with food coloring before.

3)      Our idea of a perfect world: Nuclear wasteland in which only Slim Jims and Kate Upton have survived.

4)      Favorite Watchmen characters: Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan, respectively.

5)      Equally capable of consuming 50 chicken McNuggets in under an hour.

6)      SOMEHOW, still less than 200lbs.

7)      Use Gorillaz and Spongebob as qualifying interests for potential lifelong friends.

8)      Whiskey.

9)      Somehow two women have found it in their hearts to love us despite our interminable stupidity.

10)   We deal in lead, friend.

11)   Boxers AND briefs.

SO. If you’re still reading for some reason. Here’s our list of blogs that are just, just swell. Please click over to them for a NY minute and see what they’re about. We did, and we have an award 😉

1)    Tales From The Lou  is a great social awareness blog just RIFE with interesting tidbits, facts, and sciency news. I found it by searching “activism” tags so if you’ve got fire in your heart as well as your hand, check ‘em out. What’s a god to a non-believer?

2)      FWSA which is the late-for-the-bus way of saying Feminist and Women’s Studies Association maintains a blog that covers – you guessed it – Feminist and Women’s concerns! I’m a big softy for equality (call me crazy) and luu-huu-huuuv little rays of sunshine like this blog. Very progressive. Very relevant. Very appreciated. Keep doin what ya do, ladies.

3)      Campari and Sofa is a cozy little corner that I would love to think of as our sister blog but am probably being way too self-appraising because these ladies are on their game. With everything from décor and food to health and love this page is overflowing with sage advice from grounded minds, and you’d be doing yourself a favor to spend some time over there.

4)      Lastly but not firstly, Crafted in Carhartt is a ravishing photo blog that I think I discovered when they started following us? (The modesty, it aches.) In any case having recently developed an insatiable appetite for all things photographic myself, this blog was a ringer for my tender-stuffs (not sexual.) If you take photos or just love to gobble ‘em up with your eye-straws, click on ova, click on ova babay.

Well there you have it. Our rum-infused attempt at our very first (only?) award-reception. Thanks very much Zenobia for the recognition and may your days be many and your parking citations few.

I shall link our own nominees back here so that they’ll hopefully provide us with the same insights and forwardings as we have done here.

Have a WONDERFUL week, and remember:

Humility is for dudes without samurai swords.



4 responses to “Liebster!?

  1. Thank you thank you thank you from camparigirl and sofagirl. Of course you are a sister blog. We enjoy your musings too….we love receiving awards and we gratefully accept. Not to sound immodest, but lately we got quite a few so we are going to wait before recommending more sites as we need a bit of time to spend digging around.

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