Never Alone


I can barely sleep at night, for the thought of how many women are in danger of being abused every waking moment of every day.

I know that it isn’t women alone. I know that there are men, children, homosexuals and others that are all at risk. But historically, and in this modern, “civilized” age it has been women who make up the most regular demographic of human beings abused in every way imaginable.

It is a constant fear in the back of my mind that someone I know and love is in danger of being harmed and that no one is available to come to their aid. The desperate feeling of concern I have for my female friends and loved ones should not be necessary — anywhere in the world, ever.

The capacity of human beings to harm one another, to abuse and ignore the freedoms and right to happiness of one another, is an abomination. No one should have to fear daily for their own safety and that of others. Not in a world where animal predators are no longer a primary concern.

But the world is deep. No amount of law enforcement can effectively prevent every crime every moment of every day. As I write this millions of people are suffering undeservedly around the world at the hands of someone who believes they are justified.

They either can’t, or won’t defend themselves, whatever the reason. I’m nauseated thinking about it. An instance occurred tonight, wherein someone close to me feared for her own safety and that of her friend, in the presence of a significant other.

Apparently he felt that it was his right to mistreat and verbally abuse this girl, and he does so often. We are afraid for her. This story is all too common. And I was worried and angry for both women involved. I wanted to go there and sit this man down, and speak with him, if I could keep my hands still enough.

But often physical retaliation leads to a series of violent events. I wish every day that I could beat the truth into every single abuser of the vulnerable across the globe. But it isn’t possible. Not alone, and not at all times.

There will always be people in danger of being abused. Because there will always be abusers. But I know there are people out there like me, hordes of them, who want nothing more than to kick the scummy teeth down the throats of these low-lives every time they open their mouth or raise their hand to hurt someone.

To them, and to everyone, I say “be vigilant.” The less people *get away* with abuse, the less they will *attempt* to. The police are not the sole line of defense in this worldwide conflict. The potential victims can’t wait for “probable cause,” or evidence, or the 15 minute delay until the cruiser arrives.

Even a dangerous or sly predator can never stand up to the pack. Never doubt your ability to aid someone in distress, even just by being present at the scene. So many crimes are averted because a witness happens by, and refuses to leave.

We should never have to be afraid of one person, or a group of people trying to scare or hurt us. Because we should constantly be standing up for and defending one another. If one of us is unsafe we all are. Everyone is our own, and we are *responsible* for them.

Take the extra second to check on something that looks or sounds suspicious. Get involved when someone’s being bullied, even if it’s awkward. You might save someone’s life. You might give them the courage to stand up for themselves — to leave. Because they won’t have to fear being alone anymore. People in general will have their back.

This is how it should be. This is how it can be. We are never alone if we never let each other be that way. Take back your security and comfort, and never let the status quo be your reason not to change.

Nothing is ever as it seems.
Re-discover everything.



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