Environmental ‘Revolution’


“Time is running out. It’s not about negotiating, it’s about trying to survive.”

Ignorance, disinterest, denial — all spiral downward. Just because you cannot feel the *momentum* of the fall, doesn't mean it won't kill you.

Documentaries like these are the most easily digestible forms of information because the pertinent information has been neatly collected for you into an entertaining format.

If you want to go the extra mile and educate yourself about the other side, because you believe that activists are as biased as the companies they speak out against — I commend you.

But don’t dismiss conjectures like this because they’re “cliche” or complicated. These concerns are your concerns, whether they’re larger or smaller than they’re made to appear.

What if *we’re* the generation sunk by the apathy of the past? The idea is not so far-fetched.


The Enviro-Classroom

A new documentary by filmmaker Rob Stewart examines the future we face if we refuse to change the way we live.   Over four years Rob traveled the world to chronicle the changing face of our world and the human response to it.  Rob sits down with the dedicated individuals and organizations who are working on a solution to the problems we face, and suggests that if everyone only knew what we face then we might have a fighting chance to save not only the world, but ourselves as well.  If you’re brave enough, add this film to your ‘must see list’ – ‘Revolution‘ opens this Friday April 12, across Canada.

Are you a teacher interested in bringing these ideas into your classroom?  Check out this Educator’s Guide from the official ‘Revolution’ website.

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