The Imposition


The anarchist Edward Abbey once said that “The man who is angered by nothing, cares about nothing.”

I don’t believe that anger itself solves anything, but it sure as Hell is justified these days.

Earth 2013 is a real sonofabitch for complexity. Everything from bank accounts to international cyber-politics has acquired a migraine-inducing modernity.

But we’re still human. We still have simple needs and desires. And we still have each other.

Despite all the flashing screens, endless mounting obligations, bank bullshit, government ass-covers, and general Murphy’s lawyering — we’re in this together.

So get angry. But spit that fire somewhere deserving. Store up those traffic middle fingers, passive-aggressive snarks, and icy death glares.

Direct them at the people who answer “why?” with “because that’s the way it’s always been.”

Remember, most everyone around you is just getting by, too. Speak up FOR them, rather than against — chances are their hardships are your own.

**On another note**

Who loves video games? (Kel loves video games!)
The new kid on the media block is growing up fast, and we’re here to document its awkward adolescence.

Previews, reviews, and the usual fare — but also dissection, insight, and predictions, for the well-balanced reader.

Please read, comment, and enjoy with a friendly ear and an open mind.

And remember:
Nothing is ever as it seems.
Re-discover everything.



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